"Becoming a service provider 3 PL logistics and supply chain solutions in Vietnam" is the core business fields of our current strategy and development between now and 2020.

Over 20 years, initially with the operation of transport services business simple, not the means, then the years accumulated resources and develop many different areas such as: Transportation, warehousing, steelmaking, mining, commercial trade ... after redefining development objectives, since 2007, especially after the adoption of strategic advice from foreign experts - Australian Logistics Bureau, Vinafco focus on operations, business areas are logistics, supply chain thereby restructuring the portfolio, field operations, withdraw from the service and production business is not in the chain logitstics core services.

Currently the company's activities focus on the provision of logistics services such as 3PL services, 4PL, Services warehouse; Transport services and freight forwarding (Transport Ministry and the shipping). Quality services according to international standards, adhere to HS & E standards, which gave customers the high-quality logistics services, cost-effective.