27 July, 2017



Less Container Load: Sharing a container is a good way to split the costs and lower your spending when shipping households or businesses. LCL is the perfect way to ship a small apartment, a few rooms of your house or your favourite furniture items. When utilising a shared container, you will only be charged for the space your goods occupy.

Full Container Load: If you don’t like the words “travelling light,” FCL is the method for you! You receive an exclusive container for your sole use, with the container dimensions either 20ft or 40ft. The container shipping rates will be based on the container size you select, and will allow you to ship a whole home load or a vehicle alongside personal effects.

☑A move co-ordinator to organise your shipment and answer queries 

☑Team of packers and movers to pack your goods in industry approved materials

☑Effects taken and loaded onto shipping containers and shipped to destination of your choice

☑Container delivered to the door of your new home, workplace, hotel or other, and unloaded

☑Terminal fees, shipping fees and customs clearance 

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